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Centerton Nursery has proudly been supplying quality plants and top-notch customer service to independent garden centers for nearly fifty years.

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From perennials to tomatoes, we have plant for almost any purpose. Feed a caterpillar, restore a native habitat, or harvest your own salsa recipe - we have the plants to bring you success.

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Our Mission:
To provide the joy of plants to our employees, our customers, and gardeners everywhere.
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New for spring 2024, TrueBlew™ Natives make it easier for gardeners to find species-form native plants in the garden center that are not only beautiful, but beneficial to the ecosystem around them.

Visit an independent garden center near you to find what TrueBlew™ Natives work best in your area.

The BlewLabel® Story

When our company began in 1975, plant labeling barely existed. The labeling available at that time were either playing-card-sized tags or, in our case, hand-typed labels tied onto the plant. Seeking a better option, Denny Blew, our founders’ son, tried designing a larger tag in the late 1980’s that had more plant information, easier-to-read text, and gardening instructions.

At that time, nearly all labels were black text on white plastic. Going against the grain, we made a large bright-blue label that stood out at retail. In a short time, customers were calling us up and asking for “the plants with the blue labels.” – thus the BlewLabel® Plants brand was born.

Fast-forward a few decades and our labels are now some the biggest, most-colorful and recognizable on the market. We’ve also coupled our top-notch labeling with a bright-blue pot – making these plants truly “POP” off the retail bench. We pride ourselves on curating a brand that propagates successful gardeners and brings them back for more – always asking for “the plants with the blue label”!

BlewLabel® Plants - The gardeners' choice - perennially.

Centerton Nursery Executive Team
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